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Facebook is preparing to make money off its video audience

Facebook is aggressively courting video creators with money and lots of eyeballs. It’s latest peace offering: The go-ahead to publish native ads on Facebook, or videos that brands have paid them to create or that include product placement.

Native ads (or “branded content”) is how a lot of video creators make a living. They build up a following, and then introduce that following to brands or advertisers who pay for the privilege. It’s a popular business strategy for video creators who use YouTube and even Twitter’s Vine.

And now that business is possible on Facebook, too, although there are limitations. Creators have to specify when video is “branded,” for example, in which case Facebook will include a tag to distinguish which advertiser paid to produce the video. A creator also cannot include any pre-roll or mid-stream commercials within their videos. (YouTube has the same limitations in its guidelines.)


Mark Zuckerberg has been building a video empire. Time to turn it into a business.

Companies and content creators often criticized Facebook for its extremely limited revenue model for videos, which only feature ads under certain conditions.

Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video per day in average, according to a company report last year. The social giant’s metrics for video consider a view any footage that plays for 3 seconds or more.

The new mid-video ad model could mean a big jump in both quality and quantity, but it could also transform the construction of the videos to hold viewers’ attention long enough just to cash in the ad revenue.


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